Hawtrey's Restaurant at Barn Hotel Ruislip near London

Our Chef

Headchef at Barn Hotel Ruislip near London

Our Head Chef,
Yacine Machat

Having joined The Barn Hotel in the Head Chef position in July 2018, Yacine brings with him a wealth of knowledge and a skill set, allowing him to create delicious and impressive dishes that have been refined over his years of cooking in various locations across the world.


Yacine was born and raised in Algeria situated in North Africa, near the Mediterranean coast. it was during his younger years where his love and inspiration for cooking began. He drew influences from his close knit family, but particularly his mother, allowing him to learn the various traditional dishes which allowed his passion to grow.

At the age of 16, Yacine decided cooking was his desire and made the move to become a professional chef. This desire to succeed in his chosen field, led to him travelling to Paris where he began working as an apprentice chef at a Michelin star restaurant. This time was extremely beneficial for him as it meant he now had a platform to not only improve on the skills he already possessed to be a high quality chef, but also give him the opportunity to undertake in the arts of French Classical cooking which are regarded as the some of the world's best techniques and dishes.

After two years of constructive and valuable learning, Yacine then moved to Scotland to continue his journey in the Hospitality and Cheffing world, where he studied Hospitality Management at Napier University, Edinburgh, to further his knowledge once again. After completing his studies, he then spent a further seven years in Scotland and then the same again in England working in high end restaurants and hotels under the strong guidance of many top UK chefs. Yacine's skills have now continuously improved and refined over the years and he now boasts an extremely impressive resume.

Yacine Machat now joins The Barn Hotel as a highly skilled and qualified head chef, where he will not only continue to produce the high standard of food which we have grown used to seeing leave the hotel kitchen but will now implement numerous ideas and processes to now take us to the next level which our beautiful venue deserves.